Monday, October 11, 2010

Comic Update - Manes Creature Design

Demonic beasts that dwell in the city of New Zion, They hide in the shadows as thugs feeding of the life blood of the city

Comic Update - White Phantom

"Nathaniel Solus"

"White Phantom" Pose 1

"White Phantom" Pose 2

"White Phantom" Pose 3 No hood

"Hana Tanaka" High school student

Nightstalker "Luna" Hana Tanaka's alter ego

Character sketches for one of my comics.

Random Character Sketches

A chibi version of my character "White Phantom"

Sketches of my character "Kaji" from my comic Yin & Yang

A revisiting of my character from my Animation Portfolio "Fei Chang", also some messing around with forced perspective

More random character sketches

Character Design Assignment #1

Character Rotation!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Animation assignment #1 part 2


Animation assignment #1 part 1

These are my first projects for animation class 1/2

Thanksgiving Weekend Update

I am going to be updating my blog with a massive amount of work in the next couple days. Its basically the accumulation of assignments and personal artwork that have built up from the first month of animation. All packed onto one fun weekend of scanning and cleaning up drawings.

Enjoy what is to come