Monday, April 26, 2010


So I just finished second sem of art fundementals, two weeks of vacation then back to school to finish my english credit.

Time to get an update on my blog :D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

White Phantom costume design revised

This was done one almost a month ago. I needed a more updated look on the White Phantom's costume so I looked at some reference pictures. Looking over ancient roman armor and old painting of St. Micheal I found what I was looking for then did some quick concept sketches. Here's the final product of that thought process, hope you enjoy.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Update soon

I am working on another comic now which i dubbed "Divine Blood" I have a team set up helping me out with it so yea, the going is good, non-stop drawing, THAT's ANIMATION.

In the past week I've gotten a good amount of drawings in a docket, and they will be posted either today, tomorrow or in the next week, be sure to check it out.


So, I found out earlier this week I have a conditional offer to get into Sheridan's BBA Animation course. So i need my english course and painting course to take in to summer. Other then that I am in.

Oh btw, I got a score of 3.31 out of 4 on my portfolio, honestly I'm not impressed with my score all that much i was hoping for something a lot higher. Considering the stuff I worked really hard on didn't get very good scores, and the stuff I slacked big time on got all 4's...kinda weird because that happend to a lot of people. But I'm not complaining too much, I'm just happy i made it in this year.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Immortalis Prologue revised


Sired by an archangel and thrust into a world of darkness and chaos, Nathaniel is a sixteen year old facing the burden of a man. With no memory of his divine past and no knowledge of his super human abilities he must single-handedly divert the world from it’s doomed path.

Nathan emerges on the outskirts of the large city New Zion, his nigh impossible journey through worlds leaving him drained. An Old Martial Arts teacher finds him injured with burns and lacerations all over his body. The teacher rushes the boy to his dojo intending to revive him, but once they arrive, he finds no trace of Nathan’s wounds. Upon regaining consciousness, the old martial arts teacher comes to the conclusion that the boy is an amnesiac, knowing only his own name.

After seeing Nathan’s regenerative abilities, the teacher finds himself eager to test the boy for other unique traits, and in time hone those abilities. Nathan, having no where else to go, decides to accept the old man’s training and shelter. The martial arts teacher insists Nathan receive a proper education, and arrangements are made. Over the weeks, the old teacher grows to trust the young man as well as admire his abilities and they fall into a routine.

One evening Nathan is heading to a convenience store to pick up a bag of milk. As he walks up the ally he spots a girl caught in a brawl with fifteen mobsters. Now, seeing people in fights is normal in this city, but the completely unnecessary number of mobsters fighting one teenage girl throws him off a bit. Before he even thinks to step in he does a quick survey of the ally, looking for cars trying to figure out how these big guys even got here in the first place.

Due to his logistical conundrum he fails to notice the girl losing her battle, sound of guns brings his attention back. Who are these men and how dare they treat this girl with such needless brutality? He remembers his master’s teachings of chivalry, and steps in to help- just as the mobsters form a firing squad before the girl.

Nathan is the sort of boy who would sacrifice the world for a pretty face.

He runs in front of the guns, thinking only of the girl’s safety, his body taking in round after round of bullets. The girl and men look at the seemingly insane young man, their expressions ranging from shock to mild annoyance. A moment of stillness passes, and then the metallic sound of raining pellets fill the ally. The bullets fall out of Nathan, leaving him bloody and torn- but alive.

He remains still like nothing has happened, the hardened mobsters reload their guns and cock them back again. They continue to attack him, using fists, guns, and any manner of weapon they could improvise. Calmly, Nathan puts his teachings to practice, and through a combination of discipline, and what appears to be divine intervention, he survives and protects his charge. As another round of bullets is fired at him, the atmosphere in the alley shifts drastically.

Nathan stares down his opponents, his eyes white, ethereal smoke radiating from them. Nathan raises his hand and every bullet that is flying at him shatters. He grins and disappears from sight. One by one the mobsters get thrown back and wrapped around streetlights and cars.

Hana stands there betwixt the incredulous sight and she begins to wonder who and what Nathan is. The last mobster lands on the hood of a car as Nathan appears in front of Hana; she mumbles, "Who are you?" and then slowly collapses. With a serene expression Nathan looks at her face and carries her off into the city’s smoggy night- searching for a hospital.

Whichever mobsters were left with their minds intact return to their boss, Lorenzo. They report that they were attacked on the mission. Lorenzo grabs hold of one, picks him up by the neck and yells, "Do I have to kill this girl myself? We are losing business because of a kid!" The hulking mass of a man quivers in Lorenzo’s grasp. The boss continues, "Find this kid! I want him dead! Done! DEAD YOU HEAR ME!" The other mobsters are riled up, they morph and make strange animal-like war cries; growing wings that tear at the seems of their fine suits. These inhuman creatures are disguised demons, sent to destroy human civilizations with the modern vices of gang violence and crime.

After this debacle, Nathan begins his path to a high school diploma. Traversing the hallways he sees a familiar face- the girl from the ally. He learns her name is Hana. She doesn't recognize him at first; her eyes were badly bruised at their first encounter. He decides to take advantage of this and keep his identity as her rescuer a secret. Never the less, she is suspicious of him.

As the son of an archangel, Nathan is earthbound with a sacred duty to protect the earth. He will become a man through the trials and tribulations of a life dedicated to the protection of others. He will find few moments of peace and happiness, the hardships in his life piling up on eachother. Despite all this, he will survive and perform his duty.

Story Written by : Marc Pinheiro

Edited by: Michelle Pinochet, Sonya Thorton