Monday, February 22, 2010

"Immortalis" original story

The entire world is full of chaos because of gang violence, bank robberies, and assassinations of world leaders. Nathaniel (Nathan or Nate for short) is the son of an arch-angel, He is sent to earth because of an impending doom that will occur. Nathan is sent as a teenager, at the age of 16 years old. He forgets his past life with the other angels; also that his abilities are higher than human potential.
He ends up landing on the outskirts of a big city called New Zion. An Old Martial Arts teacher finds Nathan injured with burns and scrapes all over his body. The teacher then rushes him to his dojo to revive the young boy. Once they arrive, they find that Nathan's wounds have been fully healed and renewed as if nothing has occurred. The old martial arts teacher figures out that this boy is just a kid who has no memory of what has happened to him.
After Nathans recovery, The Teacher He begins to test Nathan to see what he is capable of and in time Nathan begins to remember pieces of who he really is. He then starts to remember his name and age. After a couple of weeks, the old teacher begins to trust Nathan and one day he asks Nathan to pick up a bag of milk from the store, As he goes to the store -- he spots a girl who he later meets in school, her name is Hana. He finds her caught in a brawl with fifteen mobsters down an opening of an alleyway, he notices that she's on the ground with her hands chained up; she takes multiple hits to the face with the handle of the gun. Once the mobsters cock their guns in anticipation to shoot Hana, Nathan runs to her aid and without even knowing what he was getting into – he runs in front of Hana to protect her. As the mobsters take their shots at Nathan, He gets hit with approximately fifty bullets to the chest, shoulders, and legs, but still he stays standing. The mobsters are confused and while blood dripped down Nathan's clothing, the sound of small rocks pelt the concrete beneath them, all the bullets dropping towards the ground. He remains still like nothing had happened and with their eyes wide open – the mobster reload their guns and cocking back again, One calls in one of the toughest and most biggest men, who comes out from a solid black car. He is a big brute with a brass knuckle wrapped around his fingers; the brute begins to run at Nathan with no remorse. Nathan still stands holding his ground with his head tilted down; blood continues to drip down his face and onto his jacket. As the brute rushes in with a punch, Nathan disappears and the brute suddenly flies upwards, flipping in the air and onto the car behind the group of mobsters. Their eyes open even wider, they are scared out of their wits – they begin to fire towards Nathan who has reappeared. As they continue to fire bullets, Nathan looks up with his eyes completely white; radiating as white smoke. Nathan raises his hand and every bullet that is being flying to him slows and stops in front of his hand; he grins, and disappears yet again -- one by one, the mobsters get thrown and wrapped around streetlights and cars. As Hana stands there watching, she can't believe what she is witnessing – Her eyes widen, pupils dilated, she begins to wonder who and what Nathan is. As the last mobster lands on the hood of a car, Nathan flies in front of Hana; She looks at him and says, "Who are you?" and then slowly collapses. Nathan smirks and picks her up, he hovers off the pavement and darts into the air, flying over the city towards the nearest hospital.
The mobsters are left broken and bruised; they return to their boss Lorenzo and report that they were attacked on a mission. Lorenzo grabs hold of one, picks them up by the neck and yells, "Do I have to kill this girl myself!? We are losing business because of a kid," The mobster, scared -- Lorenzo continues, "Find this kid! I want him dead! Done! DEAD YOU HEAR ME!" The other mobsters are riled up, they morph and make weird animal-like war cries; growing wings that rip off their clothes. These not so human like creatures are demons disguised as humans to destroy human civilizations with modern gang violence and crimes.
Nathan will begin to go to school; this is where he meets Hana once again. She won't recognize him at first, her eyes were badly bruised when they first encountered each other, she will only find him familiar and will become extremely suspicious of him.

Nathan was sent to earth to protect human civilization, As the child of an archangel his ability is unique and he is the only one of his kind who possesses such strengths.

"Immortalis" is the working title of my new comic.

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