Tuesday, February 23, 2010

White Phantom Vigilante

New sketch for "Immortalis" Nathaniel's alter ego "The White Phantom" I did today before taking a snooze.

I decided to give some information about this character.

Name - Nathaniel
AE (alter ego) - The White Phantom
Age - Human (16) Aetherian (unknown)
Birthday - Human (March 27) Aetherian (unknown)
Gender - Male
Height - 5'8"
Parents - Father - Micheal the Arch Aetheria (archangel) Mother - Unknown
Powers - Enhanced speed, strength, agility
Abilities - Flight, healing (halted when in divine mode), control electricity and lightning, telekinesis, energy shielding,

The mask that Nathan wears is given to him by his Sifu Yuan. The mask seems to be an ordinary ornate mask, very old and distinct in design and is a symbol of strength and protection. The mask contrasts the White Phantom's brightly toned clothing.

I know he sounds like a cheap, way too over powerful superhero but hes Aetherian (an angel), those are the kind of powers and abilities I'd imagine them to have. Putting him in a world full of Manes (demons) would put them on a level playing field, so thats my reasoning behind it.

Enjoy :D

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