Saturday, September 18, 2010

from sketches to Name Slate

Been doing a lot of sketching lately. A lot of the time in different styles to get out of my comfort zone. Earlier today i drew a character I made when i was younger, and the way i drew it blew my mind, considering it was so different from the way i usually draw. Later on in the night, I'm at Jack Astors with a couple of my buddies, thinking of some old characters I had from when i was little. Decided to draw one on the paper table cloth with crayons..In that same style I mentioned earlier ... I LOVED IT!! After that the concept just snowballed and now a couple of them are gonna be the stars of my Name Slate for my digital tools class. I think theres a lot of potential here.

comments are appreciated! :D


Melissa said...

These are awesome! :D My favourite one is the one in the first picture on the bottom right (also the one you used on your slate)! I have this thing about big ears (love them!) and I feel he has a lot of uniqueness. :)

Marc Pinheiro said...

Thank you :). Yea i'm really liking these designs, I may even go back and turn some more of my characters into to this style.